Thursday, December 19, 2013

Creating a Craft Space

Before I went back to work a couple of years ago, I always struggled with craft space.  When I first started full time, in Hawaii, I would create in my kitchen, and then have to clean and put everything away at the end of every day, and all my stock went into a linen closet. Then we moved to Georgia, and I worked in my master closet with no windows.  Now, here we are back to working from home semi full time....and with a much larger house, finally a space that we can devote to my candle making, spa product production,and even if I begin sewing items. A craft space, however, needs to be fun, and creative....doesn't it?!
So here is what my husband and I worked on to get me set up.

First and foremost, workspace!  I needed a place to work, but since I need a microwave, and that would seem like an eyesore in a front room, plus ALL the other supplies (containers, wax, fragrances, wicks, molds, etc etc).  We got these 2 bookcases from Target on sale for 15% off, plus my 5% Red card discount.  Then to create a workspace we were going to get a table top from a thrift store, but I never found something the dimensions I wanted.  We were going to build it, and then at Home Depot, I thought....why not a flat door, with no cut outs??  So we got a 30in door, and it is fabulous!  I bought some grip liner, and used it to cover the surface.  It's easy to wipe down, and it doesn't stain the wax rings from my measuring glass. It is sizeable and perfect!
I have a desk for my laptop or sewing, a TV for background noise, a couch that is truthfully a glorified dog bed, and this gorgeous china cabinet I use for finished product.

I wanted something fun for the curtains.  I had a hard time finding what I wanted.  I didn't want solid curtains, and I didn't want patterned curtains, I just wanted some curtains with an accent.  Unbelievably that wasn't something I could find!  So I took the existing curtains and sewed on a Yellow and White chevron trim. I adore them!

So this is where I work and spend most of my days, making things.  It's comfy, and not a 'weird' space to have in our front room.  I like to think of it as my mini store. We're hoping to continue the wood floors from the foyer this year, and then I feel it would be complete!

Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY Duct Tape Picture Frame Makeover

My daughter asked for her room to get re-decorated for Christmas.  What can I say, a girl after my own heart?! She has decided on a Teal and Zebra Print theme.  Since she played a big part in planning a lot of the details, I did want there to be some handmade surprises for her.
In her new room, she will have a desk, and what better decor for a desk than a picture frame?! I have a lot of things I pick up at Goodwill and the CHKD Thrift store, and either forget I bought, or haven't felt inspiration for yet. This frame has been in the garage for at least 2 months.  I thought, how sassy would this be in Zebra print?  And then I thought about all those fun new duct tapes, and that my daughter also loves the duct tape trend.  So I decided to cover the frame in zebra duct tape.

First, I did diagonals at the corners. When you do the corners, take the scissors and cut the tape in half to the corner. I trimmed back the excess with scissors and then rubbed down the rest until there was a smooth seal.

Then I went with diagonal strips out from the edges.  Again, trim off excess, and make sure when you wrap around the nooks and crannies, that you aren't going to stuff the track where the glass will go. Also make sure to follow the edges of the frame, instead of letting the tape pillow out.
I'm really happy with the end product.

I still need to find a picture to put in the frame, but I will let you see that end product when the room is done. I do plan on a before and after blog for this room change.  So stay tuned to see if we can make an attempt to walk that fine line between gaudy and chic, with zebra print.

Details.  This DIY took less than 30 min.  The Duct Tape was $3.89 at Target, and the frame was $1.58 at the thrift store.  The frame is a 5X7.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love the holidays. This is our first year in our new home, and it was so fun to find some great finds, use some old items, and create some new looks. 

This is the living room.  I got this unbelievable full artificial tree with multi colored lights at my local Goodwill for $40.25.  In our house the rule is, nothing breakable on the tree.  We have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 is inevitable that the tree will tip at some point.  So far this year it hasn't happened (fingers crossed).  We have a lot of felt and wooden ornaments, pine cones, and various little ornaments we've picked up along our journey. 
So excited about our mantle and fireplace!  I got these little stockings from Pottery Barn about 10yrs ago, after my daughter was born and we knew our family was complete.  They are still in fantastic shape.  I love the stocking holders, and last year we broke one.  I was so excited, to see Target had a star that would fit in perfectly (far left). 
Also in the forefront of the photo is my new find.  This coffee table was at a local thrift store called CHKD (proceeds go to the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughter).  It was $40 and is SOLID!!!!  The basket was also a Goodwill find, that I spray painted charcoal gray to make it more my style and more modern.  I filled it with some holiday decor balls, I bought on clearance a few years back.

In the dining room, I went with a gold theme.  The walls in there are a yellow fleur de lis, and seemed like some gold would really compliment.  Here our kitten, Toby, models for us. 

I swear my mother had one of these when I was growing up.  Originally it was a tree made up of faux fruit.  A little outdated when I picked it up at Goodwill for $3, but some metallic spray paint, and now it is a great centerpiece. 
This was a fun project.  I got the milk jar from goodwill for less than a dollar, and the flowers were from my local Dollar Tree. Add some spray paint to the milk jar, and there we go, a great holiday arrangement for the sideboard. 

I have been having so much fun re-creating items I find at the local thrift stores.  I truly feel that mixing it with modern items, and refreshing them, that you get a rich feel for pennies on the dollar. Not to mention both CHKD and Goodwill use their proceeds for good causes, so it is a feel good buy with some craftiness mixed in. 

Let me know what you think of posts like this.  We are in the process of redecorating my daughters room; I'd also love to share the making of my craft room. Plus soon, I'll be helping a friend with her bedroom (making a headboard, etc).