Friday, August 19, 2011

Jennifer Harruff makes me a Dress

I am 33. Yep. And when I was a tween and a teen, the cool places to shop were Contempo and Wet Seal. My mother hated these places. Loud music and higher prices than JCPenney, where we almost always shopped, since my father worked for the company and we got a discount.
I remember vividly once while shopping for school, it was when the baby doll dresses with tees underneath were the BIG thing (Can we say soooo 90210, people).  I begged my mother to go into Wet Seal and there was a sundress I fell in love with for $49.99.  My mother did not want to buy it (yes Mom, I still remember it to this day). 
Why do I mention this????  Well let's think about that, it was likely 20yrs ago.  I'm much larger than I was then (so more material), and I love things much more unique than what I did back then. And ummmm, I just got a STEAL!
My friend, Jennifer Harruff, just made me a custom dress. All for $48.50 SHIPPED (pricing will vary).  I got to pick the fabrics, and she is making it based on my measurements.  It is something made ESPECIALLY for me.....for a mere $48.50.  

As per last nights blog post of this vs that, all I have to say is handmade rocks, and you usually are going to get something better made, with better service (than Wet Seal for sure), and perfect for you! Look at some handmade options, support a small business owner, BEFORE you go out to the mass market.  You'd be surprised at the value, the charm, and the quality craftsmanship and service that people of our generation have forgotten about to get mass market and convenience that we have been taught is the "fun" and "stylish" way to go from commercialism.  

As a sidenote, Jennifer Harruff is also a member of the Military Circle of Friends Team on Facebook. Check us out to see Lilac Ave, Jennifer Harruff, and many more talented artisans.


  1. That dress is freaking adorable!!! Beautiful job, Jennifer!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Deb! I remember those baby doll dresses from the nineties. We had one that the three of us older sisters borrowed from each other. It was so baggy!
    And thank you for the compliment, Beth!