Thursday, June 2, 2011

OMG, How Gross

I swear this entire blog is not going to be about vegan eating. But I HAD to share.

So tonight....I'm exahusted. Mostly mentally. And it is hot as Hades outside, and what was planned for dinner????? My good Friend, Kristen's, 5 can chili (see her blog).  I couldn't do it.  I couldn't face it. So what did we do?  Fell into an old habit and ordered pizza. 
Now granted normally I like thin crust pizza...either the alfredo one, or just plain cheese...maybe a veggie. But the kids LOVE personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut. So since we now live in civilization, where Pizza Hut will deliver...I ordered it. I ended up getting a medium pizza for the hubs and me. 1/2 Supreme for him, and 1/2 cheese for me. I know not vegan....but I wasn't ready to go there (although I am thoroughly intrigued, by a local pizza place that has organic pizzas, and advertises a vegan one....I think best, that my 1st vegan pizza experience be from a place like that vs pizza hut).
Anyhow, OMG it was so gross. The cheese was disgustingly thick. The crust so greasy.  And my stomach hurts.  I can't even explain how it almost feels full, but crampy full...but it is not gas or indigestion....yet!  And I have heartburn....which honestly, I hadn't had in the last 4 days, even though it HAD started to become fairly common for me.
So 3 things I bring away from this. #1 I'm amazed that in just 4 days, I have adjusted enough, that it was as gross as it was. #2 Lesson LEARNED...that is not "cheating" or "treating" myself, it is inedible! #3 WHY am I trying to use my body as a guinea pig. Just eat normal....don't try to test the boundaries of what you can get away with as a vegetarian or a vegan. Just eat what you know is right. Duh....didn't I learn that last time around?

And seriously, I'll have to think of something else to write about tomorrow.  Maybe my France Fetish...maybe some Etsy Favorites, maybe my upcoming house projects, maybe how I plan to set up my table at the Etsy Craft Party.

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  1. Looks like being vegan really works with your body! That's awesome. Did you tell me you used to be vegan, or almost?