Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a Few Vegan-ish Updates

OK, so I've been pretty heavily leaning in to vegan-ish for 3 days. I feel much less tired, and I feel light.

If some of you recall, last time I tried to be vegan, I gained 10lbs in a month.  I admittedly, ate a TON of bread and pasta, and made lots of delicious vegan desserts.  This time around....ummm, I'm not doing that.  I am taking things we are having for dinner, and altering mine to be vegan. Such as the burrito below.  My kids and husband had it with morningstar farms mealstarters faux beef crumbles (with added chili powder and onions).  They also had cheese and sour cream.  I was surprised with how delicious it was...not because there was no meat (I prefer black beans over meat)...but without the dairy. I've also been trying to have lots of fruits and veggies over a huge carb fest...although to be clear I am not avoiding carbs.

Well because of the weight gain last time around, I did want to track my eating on  Guess what I have found?  Without paying much attention, I'm getting 15-25% of my calories from protein.  My calories have been reduced by 400-500 calories a day, without any hunger or feelings of deprivation. So far no cravings, and not really feeling "tempted", to be less "ish". I am still having cream in my coffee.

Here's my burrito:

Archer Farms Whole Wheat Tortilla (from Target)
Brown Rice
Rotel Tomatoes (canned)
Corn (canned)
Low Sodium Black Beans (canned)
Garlic Powder

1. Put the Rotel, Corn (drained), and Black Beans in a pot. Cook until a boil. Stir, and then set to low.
2. Make some this by pitting the avocado and removing the peel.  Drizzle some lime juice and shake some garlic powder on it.  Mush it with a fork until you've got guacamole. Add more or less lime and garlic to your liking.
3. Cook some brown rice.  After, add some lime juice to it.  Also chop some cilantro and mix it in too.
4. Warm up the tortilla.
5. Load her up.

I was very proud of myself that the cilantro came from my own garden (I'm waiting on the tomatos and peppers to grow). 
Also I tried just to load up the burrito with all the fixin's (my Texan streak coming out), so that I could be full from 1 burrito.


  1. Can I link this on the blog? I LOVE it. And now I'm hungry. :)