Monday, June 6, 2011

Bathroom Renovation

One of my favorite blogs belongs to an old Homefront hommie of mine. She has an awesome geekery shop, Geek Details, and is a fascinating gal. One of my favorite features on her blog is showing her home renovations and projects. I have some other blogger peeps, like Nice Girl Notes, that also time to time posts pictures of decorating or project tutorials. I figured, I may need to back track (blu-do do- dopp) back to the beginning of our home reno experiences. This, as we prepare to get settled back in to our beloved house on "Lilac Ave".
So here are the gory details. We bought the house about 7yrs ago. At the time it was a 3 bedroom 1 bath home in Chesapeake, Virginia. It had 1086sq ft, window AC units, and no real upgrades since it was built in 1962. The previous owners did take really great care of the property though, which is a major reason why we chose the cute little brick cottage.
Our very first project was the bathroom. There was 1 bathroom, and although now I can actually appreciate the retro-ness of it. The bath tub, and tiles needed to be replaced. Also one day while my parents were visiting, i asked my UN handyman Dad to check out the sink because it was clogging. Next thing we now, the pipe went into the wall and collapsed. Sooooo, it was maybe time to update a bit, and we were so stoked to do our first home project. Plus I wanted a deeper tub.

these are the befores.
it ended up, we found the subfloor was rotted. So we needed to replace it.
We stripped it down to the studs (yep, that's my stud husband)
new tub, piping, and sub floor
new floor tiling
tiled shower
We put up white bead board and crown molding on the walls. We also put in a new vanity and sink.
I think if I recall, we spent between $2500 and $3000 on this project. ALOT thanks to my husband being so handy, and his friend Chance, that has experience in plumbing and welding pipes (the height of the spout, etc on the new tub was higher than in the old, and needed to be moved).
As is, with some home renovations, especially your 1st, you may see this one again in the coming year. This reno was done in 2005. Let's just say potty training my son, ruined the veneer on that vanity, and we need to go back and "de-fog" the floor tiles, since we did not wipe the grout well enough. Still...a dramatic update from the original.
Coming soon.....the kitchen renovation. The master suite addition, and anything to come after we settle back in.

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