Monday, June 6, 2011

20 questions with Two Seaside Babes

I know so many incredible artisans. I thought why not play a little 20 questions with some of them.
Our 1st will be Jessi, from TwoSeasideBabes.
I've known Jessi for 2 1/2 yrs, and I am so impressed with her growth and her shop. I'm sure you want to know her too.
Silk and Bamboo Womens Visor Buckle Beanie - Purple Orchid - Great Chemo Hat

1. Your favorite color: Purple

2. Dream Vacation: Snowboarding in Alaska

3. Favorite movie: The Hurt Locker

4. Favorite Artist: Thomas Kinkade

5. Best Advice EVER? Never dream more than you work. Always believe that hard work will lead you to your dreams.

6. Motto: Think Big. Think Bold. Think Better.

7. Like Pets? Not at this point in my life. My kids are hard enough to clean up after.

8. Lifechanging Event: My Divorce. Like you didn't know this already.

9. Your Best Trait: My super duper likeable personality. You like me already, don't you? ;-)

10. Your Flaw: I don't have any flaws. Ok...well, maybe just a tiny one. I'm a slight bit of a control freak.

11. What craft do you wish you could do? Knit

12. Favorite Season: Autumn (coincidently my daughters middle name!)

13. Favorite Holiday: Christmas

14. Boots, Sneakers, Flip flops, Heels, Mary Jane’s or Barefoot? High Heel Boots...see I gotta be difficult right?

15. Favorite Treat:Chocolate. ANYTHING chocolate!

16. Most recent item added to your Favorites:

17. Blog?

18. Facebook?

19. Twitter?

20. Shop?

My Favorites from her Shop!
Womens Textured Scarflette, Cowl, Neckwarmer - Oatmeal with Dark Brown Wood Buttons
Crocheted Child's Beaded Necklace - Browns, Greys, Lemongrass, Pumpkin Spice, and Sapphire

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