Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!!

RESERVED for Colleen
Our 1st item sold!
Here we are at our 3rd Anniversary for LilacAve.  I like to tell people just starting out, how when I started LilacAve, my dream was to sell an 2 items a week.  I thought that would make me happy. since then, we've grown to be an income for my family, and that has been a huge gift and a reward. The journey has not been without challenges, but it has been quite a ride.  Cheers to continued growth and always raising the bar a little higher.

To celebrate making it this farm we have been celebrating!  Here is the last of the 3 celebrations!!!

Entering is super duper simple! Just post on this blog, your 3 favorite things about LilacAve. It could be a product, it could be something about the values of the company, it could be you like my hair....whatever.  Just name the 3 things you like best!  Tomorrow morning a winner will be picked, and they will get a FREE 3 month Scent of the Month membership!!!!

Scent of the Month Club 3 monthsScent of the Month Club 3 months
Scent of the Month Club 3 monthsScent of the Month Club 3 months
What is the Scent of the Month membership.  The 1st week of every month, you get to sample the scent of the month, by receiving:
(1) .6oz Soy Tart
(2) tea lights
(1) 1oz Body Butter
(1) 1oz Bath Salt


  1. YAY for giveaways!

    Ok 3 things I like about LilacAVE:
    1. Your candles are awesome smelling and come in some really cool containers (at least the ones I got do!)
    2. You are a super helpful military spouse selling on Etsy that's supportive of LOADS of other military wives!
    3. How you started out with a small goal, and yet your business has flourished into something AMAZING! (I'm in awe of your super business savvy!)

  2. First of all, congrats on 3 years!! That really is something to celebrate!

    I love your candles, they always smell great and are high quality! The soy tarts I purchased from you are pretty amazing also!
    You also have a great personality and offer great customer service! And last, I love that you are selling bath salts, lotions, and lip balms...haven't tried them yet, but plan on it soon! I just know they will be wonderful :)

  3. 3 years! Congrats Deb!
    1. I loved that your candles came in recycled packaging.
    2. No one can turn down a scent named "monkey farts".
    3. I love that you are doing your own thing and have become so successful.

  4. Congratulations on 3 years of running a successful business. I hope you have many more years to come!

    1. I love the smell of your candles/tarts. The scent is strong, but not overpowering. They smell strong not only as a full product, but as you're burning them too. And the scent lingers.
    2. You work unbelievably hard to get where you find yourself today. You understand that dreams cannot be achieved without hard work.
    3. You are an amazingly supportive woman, helping to make other small business succeed.

  5. Three things I like....
    1. That I can buy things from someone I knew a long long time ago!
    2. Love the candles! Smell so good and burn really nicely.
    3. That you are environmentally focused!

  6. My favorite three things about Lilac Ave:
    1) The creatrice behind the company is a really great lady! Super nice, very smart, funny, and a great mom to boot.
    2) The customer service is awesome!
    3) The stories behind the store front are really interesting to me. I love reading on the blog about Deb's learning experiences, about her ventures into the world of vegetarian/veganism, or about learning that she is a great parent to her son, or about her family's renovation of their house. I love learning more about a fabulous lady that I consider a friend. :]

  7. 1. The quality of your products
    2. Your willigness to accept feedback from the customer.
    3. That you are a military wife/mom!!!

  8. Only three?? Well okay...

    1. the scents are divine and plentiful but not too strong.

    2. I can tell you have a passion for it by the wonderful products and service I get when ordering.

    3. You're a military spouse and I love supporting that.

  9. 1. You are incredibly creative and have a great business sense.
    2. I love the scent of your candles and your lip balms are WONDERFUL.
    3. You balance out work and family and make it see doable.

  10. 3 things...
    1. I like that LilacAve is owned by you, and you are one of the kindest, most supportive people I know.

    2. I love that your goal is to offer people the very best products that you can. You ask for feedback, you do your research, and you have evolved to be the best you can be.

    3. I just really love things that smell pretty and make me smell pretty.

  11. I llooovvveeeeeeeee the body butter!!!! I love how it hydrates and smells. And I love the candles and the way they burn. I could go on and on hahaha they are great products!!!

  12. yey for 3 years of hard work all done with much love! I love the name Lilac Ave, it makes me think about lazy afternoon walks in the garden, I love how your shop looks so neat! and I love that you love making candles( I used to make them before I married into the navy, as how my husband puts it)


  13. YAY for 3 years!!
    these are a few of my favorite things...
    1) LIP BALM, YUM-O~
    2)candels, perfect scents!
    3) customer care, you rock!

  14. Ok, I like more than 3 things, but 3 you will get.
    1.YOur customer service is beyond good.
    2.Your candles and tarts smell 100 times better than Yankee Candle and burn better too!
    3. And I like your hair.