Thursday, June 9, 2011

20 Questions with Nice Girl Notes

I'll admit it....I'm not usually a huge blog reader. I know, I know. I do read articles people recommend or found helpful, and I have a couple of friends that I follow, but otherwise, not really. Then I met Roo...
It started off with a note on my Facebook wall, asking me if I was interested in participating in the 1st Cute Stuff Sale. If you are an Artisan, you likely get requests for giveaways and reviews often, and they are usually kind of ho hum for business. But when she explained to me, basically she will just be selling my stuff...I just need to offer great prices and support her, then I figured, 'sure, why not'. That night was magical!!!! Rare is the day I can sell 10 items on my facebook page...and here she was with ease on hers.
After that we worked together to create a special event for military spouse artisans on the Homefront Team. During that time, not only did I get hooked on her blog, but I got to work with her as a partner, and have to say, what an incredible business partner she is. I love her to pieces. I love knowing her brain through her blog (you MUST read this post on Spanx). I love her spirit on entrepreneurialism (is that a word?). You seriously have no idea what you are missing, if you don't follow her on FB, and read her blog.
Here is her 20 questions!

1. Your favorite color: Without realizing it, I've decorated my house in shades of light blue, cream, and a little bit of red. So I'm guessing those. Ha!

2. Dream Vacation: Somewhere tropical with my husband and kids AND a nanny. Maybe two.

3. Favorite movie: Love any sort of action/comedy, and of course I pretty much love Reese Witherspoon in just about any romantic comedy she's in.

4. Favorite Artist: Currently my 2.5 year old. She's not just drawing scribbles any more.. and it's really fun to see how her brain works. :)

5. Best Advice EVER? Give generously, spend wisely

6. Motto: Because I'm in the throes of toddlerhood and general craziness right now? FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT.

7. Like Pets? I like dogs. :D Maybe when the kids are older.

8. Lifechanging Event: When Whole Foods opened near me. And when Starbucks offered their salted caramel hot chocolate. OH, jk? Getting married and having my kids? :)

9. Your Best Trait: Compassion? Sure, compassion!

10. Your Flaw: Dang, which one? I'm a perfectionist, which means I never get everything done. That's annoying. Also, I can't meal plan to save my life. But I'm working on it.

11. What craft do you wish you could do? Oh my gosh, I wish I could sew!

12. Favorite Season: Summer! :D

13. Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving, because it's not about frantic gift giving. It's about frantic meal making. Hahaaa.. but I do love having the people I love around a table, breaking bread, and being grateful for what God's given us.

14. Boots, Sneakers, Flip flops, Heels, Mary Jane’s or Barefoot?: Flip flops for every day. Heels for nights out.

15. Favorite Treat: I can't keep nuts in the house due to my daughters' allergies, so anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

16. Most recent item added to your Favorites: Some chevron quilts. :)

17. Blog?

18. Facebook? <--WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN HERE

19. Twitter?

20. Shop? None. But I like all of yours!

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