Wednesday, June 8, 2011

20 Questions with Memories to You and Holds It

I met Kim, online a little over a year ago. Since then she is my online"co-worker", a fellow military wife to go to, and a great source for business advice. Not only is she intelligent and savvy, but a fabulous handmade craftsman.
Kim is the proud creator and innovator behind two Etsy shops, Memories To You and Holds It. I have items I've purchased from both shops. They are perfection. She leaves no stone unturned in her master craftsmanship; Her finishing details are incredible.

So without ado, here is her 20 Questions:

Kanzashi Fabric Flower Headband Red and Black Leaves Photo Prop

1. Your favorite color:

2. Dream Vacation:
A trip to Italy

3. Favorite movie:
I don't have any 1 movie that is a favorite. I love comedy and chick flicks. I rarely see Oscar winners!

4. Favorite Artist:
Honestly, I love Thomas Kincaid. His pictures make me smile and feel at peace.

5. Best Advice EVER?
Don't complain about the stuff you can change. But the best advice I give my son is "suck it up buttercup."

6. Motto:
I don't have one!

7. Like Pets?
Yep. I have two large, hairy dogs who were my babies before the baby came along.

8. Lifechanging Event:
I would have to say my mom's death. I was 22 and realized I wasn't as grown up as I thought I was. It was during that time I learned to stand up for what I want.

9. Your Best Trait:
My wit

10. Your Flaw:
I can be a tad bit judgmental.

9x12 French Memory Board or Bow Holder - Zen Garden Brow, Black, White

11. What craft do you wish you could do?
I wish I could sew!

12. Favorite Season:

13. Favorite Holiday:

14. Boots, Sneakers, Flip flops, Heels, Mary Jane’s or Barefoot?
Hmmm. I'm barefoot at home all the time but when I leave the house it is usually in heels. Unless I'm going to the gym and then it is sneakers.

15. Favorite Treat:
Chocolate Cheesecake

16. Most recent item added to your Favorites:
These sexy corset cookies :-)

Sexy Corset Cookies

17. Blog? but I hardly ever update it.

18. Facebook?

19. Twitter?

20. Shop?

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