Friday, June 17, 2011

20 Questions with Laura Evans Photography

I've long been an admirer of Laura Evans Photography. Her Style is gorgeous and recognizeable. Amazing portraits as well as amazing art prints!

I thought, it would be interesting to see what this Brit, and fellow Military Spouse has to say, in her 20 questions!

a slumber drink in the wine tavern lochle - whimsical fine art photography

1. Your favorite color: green in various shades, right now i'm loving lime green but also a fan of mint green

2. Dream Vacation: vietnam, cambodia, laos & the camera ... but anywhere i can escape, i love being in the south of france, & california is amazing.

3. Favorite movie: top gun ... I am a dork i know

4. Favorite Artist: I don't have one, but at the moment eric church is pretty high up

5. Best Advice EVER? don't cry that it's over ... smile because it happened

6. Motto: love laugh believe

7. Like Pets? i have a husband & 2 kitties i'm a little obsessed with

8. Lifechanging Event: there have been a few but marrying my husband is pretty high ... oh yeah & getting pregnant :) Since this originally posted, Laura is now Mama, to a gorgeous baby boy!

9. Your Best Trait: Come on can't leave this blank! I'll state the are a talented photogapher, and you have a sincere and beautiful spirit!

10. Your Flaw: stubborn, argumentative ... the list is endless

11. What craft do you wish you could do? printing of all kinds

12. Favorite Season: the next one

13. Favorite Holiday: i'm not sure i have one

14. Boots, Sneakers, Flip flops, Heels, Mary Jane’s or Barefoot? flip flops

15. Favorite Treat: a night to myself

16. Most recent item added to your Favorites:

Olindo tha whale - Handmade in Italy

17. Blog?

18. Facebook?

19. Twitter?

20. Shop?

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  1. Laura's photography is such an inspiration! She is living overseas and "shoots" the coolest photos.