Sunday, June 19, 2011

20 Questions with BeckyZ Photography

Becky Zeugin is one of my oldest friends. I first met her at an Elementary school playground in 3rd grade. We became BFF's for years; through hair bands, 1st concerts, 1st kisses, 1st loves, 1st broken hearts.

Becky was not a photographer, back in our previous life, but when I saw her recent works, I was jaw droppingly in awe. "My Becky" turned into such an incredible talent. I am so proud of her, and a huge fan of her work. I'm sure you will be too. So here it goes...let's get to know her!

1. Your favorite color: teal

2. Dream Vacation: anywhere tropical

3. Favorite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

4. Favorite Artist: Kelley Ryden

5. Best Advice EVER? Do what you love, don’t follow money –my dad

6. Motto: Dare to dream and dream BIG

7. Like Pets? YES! I have two doggies and a cat

8. Lifechanging Event: the birth of my children and my nephews

9. Your Best Trait: Patience (although my children test how strong it is on a daily basis!)

10. Your Flaw: I lack organizational skills – big time!

11. What craft do you wish you could do? Knit – I will teach myself to do it one of these days.

12. Favorite Season: Spring, I love a good Texas thunderstorm!

13. Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving – I love to eat!

14. Boots, Sneakers, Flip flops, Heels, Mary Jane’s or Barefoot? Fip-flops

15. Favorite Treat: Grande Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino

16. Most recent item added to your Favorites:

READY TO SHIP Chunky Newborn Cap

17. Blog?

18. Facebook?

19. Twitter?

20. Shop?

Can't help but share some more with you!!!!

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