Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kitchen Renovation

In 2007 we renovated the kitchen. The kitchen in the house was original, and super small. Even the stove was smaller than the average standard size these days. The budget for the job was $10, 000. We hired no help. Here is what was done!

The original kitchen...cranberry countertops, and linoleum tile. You can't see but the dining area had a pink carpet.

We pulled up the floor, removed the appliances, removed the old cabinets.

Then we laid down, unfinished hardwood floors. After spending all day bent over (I laid the lines, Hubs came in and nailed them down), the soreness in the hind of the legs was massive!

We rented a floor sander from Home Depot, doing layers of vanish and sand, varnish and sand. Aren't they gorgeous?!

Then came, putting the cabinets up. We purchased these from Home Depot, and Hubs put them together (almost like you would a bookshelf you buy from Target). Then we read up in some home reno books, how to install them. You can see Hubs made a T with wood. This would be the guide to make sure all cabinets are level (also proofed with a level).

This was very exciting for the kids!

We added in a hutch in the dining area for extra storage, and of course a wine fridge.

Here is the finished kitchen. New appliances, and so much more cabinet space...and of course GORGEOUS. And WE did it!


  1. Amazing work!! It's beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous! Since deployment I've been painting and recaulking and little things like that alone and I thought that was bad enough. Kudos to you guys!! :)