Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cliffnotes Version of the Cute Stuff Sale on Nice Girl Notes

So if you know me, then you know, I LOVE NiceGirlNotes. Awesome blog, funny, and of course she is the organizer of the Cute Stuff Sale. Cute Stuff Sale is like having a ladies night out, online, and buying handmade stuff at some wet dream type prices.
So last night Lilac Ave in a matter of minutes sold 20 lip balms, 3 Sweet Cheeks bars, 5 Lotion Bars, and 3 MAN Soaps!! Crazy right?!?! And there were folks that didn't get the LilacAve stuf they was "Cray Cray" as they say. (no worries, offering 15% off at AND until 6/5/11, when you use coupon code LOVENGN)

However, I also totally scored, a scarf from 2LittleFriends, 2 headbands from HoldsIt (1 for me and 1 for my daughter), and some awesome Thank You Cards from TwoPoodlePress.
Kanzashi Fabric Flower Headband Aqua Flower Leaves Photo Prop                10 Recycled Urban Chic Graffiti Thank You Cards in Two Hot Hues - Lindsey
I would have loved to have scored a hat from TwoSeasideBabes, a ring from NinthStreetNotions, or the gorgeous stuff BrideBlu was offering....but alas, the budget and the refresh finger lost out!  
We had a good time posting videos and pics, and chit chatting as a group of fired up, half drunk ladies do. I had so much fun!!!!


  1. I can't believe I missed this sale. I think I was engrossed with The Borgias.

  2. wow Deb - you totally scored!!!! I did manage to snag one of your mag lip balms. I gotta tell ya - the first one I got took me all over Europe, and was PERFECT! TY for the quality goods!

  3. I had so much fun! I scored a scarf, a crayon roll for Hank, and a lip tint. I'm considering using the coupon code for some other stuff, too.

  4. I had a blast too, and I didn't even SEE most of the stuff on the NGN blog because I was too busy chatting it up! :)