Friday, June 11, 2010

The NEW Lilac Ave

As LilacAve approaches it's 2 year anniversary (July 14th, Bastille Day), you may notice there's been a lot of changes. Some of it has been slowly morphing, and now if you go to the shop you'll see a much different shop, than what is was even 3 months ago.
Here are just some of the changes, if you haven't already noticed.

1. There is a lot more of a streamlined assortment. Instead of mod squares, baking dishes, and one of a kind containers, you will see a multitude of jars and tins, in different sizes, with a colorful paper wrap, and a LilacAve seal. All of these candles are made to order.
This is a GOOD thing. It allows for each customer to have their own candle made, just for them, fresh and with care. This also allows me to be able to fill custom orders easier, for better customer satisfaction.
As time goes on, there will eventually be every scent offered listed with every container (a 5oz jar, a 10oz jar, a 12oz 2 wick jar, and an 18oz jar, as well as a tin, tealight pack, and tarts). Until then, you can customize (even the paper) as you choose with these custom listings:

2. You'll also notice some product line additions! Just recently LilacAve has begun to sell soaps and lotions. So far the feedback is great!
The vision is eventually to have high quality, melt and pour soaps.
Also to have scented lotions that smell as incredible as LilacAve candles.
Both are created to have subtle, non-overpowering scents, and to be light and clean feeling.

3. The introduction of LilacAve home parties.
If you have ever attended a partylite or scentsy party, the concept is sort of similar. You would buy a sample pack to use at your party. It will contain sample scents in the form of tarts, and made candles in almost every size for your customers to see a life size version of what their order may contain. The kit also comes with catalogs and order forms. There is a commission for hostesses.
This is a great way to socialize, spread the word about a product you love, and make a little extra money. If you are interested in more information. You can email LilacAve at
I'll keep you updated as this area in the shop grows!
I hope that these changes please my current loyal customers, and help to grow even more.

I'd also like to thank my customers on giving me such great feedback, that it motivates me to continue to grow, and to work even hard to provide the best product and customer service I can offer. Thank you!!


  1. Your shop looks great! I will have to browse around and see what I find. I loved the last candles I got from you.

  2. I can tell you've worked very hard! The results are wonderful. Well done!

  3. I think all the changes are wonderful. Good luck with the parties. They can be a lot of fun!