Monday, June 28, 2010

Homefront Photography

I love photography and art. Sometimes I am lucky enough to snap a great photo....but I am no real photographer....that requires skill and study.

Another thing I really love, is the Etsy Homefront Team. This team is made up of spouses and significant others of members of the U.S. uniformed services, as well as military veterans. This team has not only been a huge support of me and my business, and my military life....but they are also inspiring artisans!

3 in particular are some of our pro photographers. All with different styles, but all touch you with the single snap of a photo. I have an art wall, and all but one photo is from this team. Here is the wall, containing photos from JrzyGirlPhotography, CreationsAnew, and LEvansPhotography.

The photo wall and Bear and Kitty (can you guess which is Bear and which is Kitty?)

The top right is from LEvansPhotography, the remaining all from JrzyGirl Photography

If you are a pet lover, you'll understand. They were there....they had to get photos take too!

I am remiss in that I have not hung my CreationsAnew photo yet, in this new house. But it is amongst my favorite photo EVER!!!! So it will be up very soon (still looking for the perfect frame...and it was lost in unpacking for a bit).
I also recently got this train photo for my Dad, who is an amateur photographer, and fascinated with trains! I LOVE the colors on this one!

I encourage you to discover these 3 shops! Also each of them does on location photos, so if you are in Germany, New Jersey, or are in luck!


  1. Nice post! Love all the photos!! (your pets are cute too!)

  2. They look great!! Makes me all happy and sappy to be on your wall and get to see it.

    Thank you!!!

  3. What adorable pets! And everythng else looks great, too! :)