Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why Soy?

At the bottom of each of my listings, I have a "Why soy?" explanation. I thought it may be good to really discuss the benefits of soy candles.

Personally, I feel like the candles I make in soy wax smell less perfumey, and more "fresh" than traditional candles I am used to, or what I smell when I walk down the candle aisle in Target/Walmart/Kmart/fill in the blank.

However there are more scientific reasons why soy is better!

- They last longer
I know in my studies that Yankee Candle says their tart lasts 8hrs. I am pretty sure they are about double the size of my .6oz tarts that burn for at least 16hrs...some customers say even longer.
A soy wax candle can burn twice as long as paraffin....think of it, it's like you are buying twice the amount of candle, for usually a similar, or slightly higher price.

- It is vegetable based versus petroleum based.
Soy wax comes from the soy bean, which is a vegetable crop. In fact, many of the soy bean farmers are American farmers. So buying soy candles is also supporting domestic farmers and workers.

- Soy is is renewable!
Because soy is a vegetable, it is a renewable resource. Paraffin (what traditional candles are made from), are made from petroleum, which we all know is NOT a renewable resource.

- Soy burns cleaner.
Soy wax does not produce the black soot that paraffin candles do. Less mess, less "stuff" in the air.