Friday, February 5, 2010

For the Love of Dogs (and I guess cats too!)

I adore animals, especially cats and dogs....specifically dogs! And let's just say, I have animals on my mind today. So, I wanted to devote today to some animal favorites from Etsy.This beautiful original graphite drawing from Beth Thompson Art, Jewelry, and Gifts.
This is a fabulous photo print from Laura Evans Photography.

This is an incredible idea and follow through on this suitcase pet bed from Love Nostalgic Whimsy.
This adorable print from Megan Makes Stuff.

Love the dog, and the bed in this item from BowWow Beds.


  1. Love this list! Especially that top one hahaha. Just kidding, thanks for including me!

  2. What awesome finds!!! Beth is a wonderful artist, the cat bed is a hoot and Lauras picture rock!!!

  3. wow beth's drawing is stunning ... thanks for including my camera & kitty photo!