Saturday, August 6, 2011

Has a Fundraiser Ever Smelt so Good!

As some/many of you know, my husband is in the Navy.  And as some of you know, he just found out he is a Chief Selectee.  Chief is a pretty big deal in the husband could tell you the heritage, as that is something he is supposed to know in the next 6 weeks before he gets pinned "Chief".  All I know, is it's a big deal, and in the next 6 weeks he has to do a lot of stuff to prove he is worthy.
One of the things Chief Selectees have to do, is fundraise. Well, unfortunately for my husband he will be out to sea doing, who knows what, for 1/2 of the time period he is supposed to be raising money.  I figured I could come up with an idea, and a means to help him.
So here it is.  I will be doing a candle fundraiser for the month of August.  You can pick any scent you'd like from the below list for your candle.  The candle will be $10, with $5 Shipping (no shipping for locals of course!).  I am so generous that all $10 will go to those selectees towards their fundraising efforts.
This one is scented Oatmeal Honey Almond

The candles are 9oz and ina glass tumbler, with a USN sticker adhered to the side.  After your candle FINALLY burns out (should last 40-50hrs), you can clean out the glass tumbler with hot water, soap and a rag, and you'll have a great little glass piece to do anything you like with. And of course my everlasting love, that you helped not only support my husband, but all the selectees, the US Navy, and America (doesn't that sound patriotic!).

Here is an Etsy Listing for this item. Chief Selectee Fundraiser Candle. You can purchase via Etsy, or from my Facebook page.  If you purchase via Etsy please put your scent choice in the comments.  If you are local, and don't want to pay the $5 shipping, please contact me via my Facebook page or via comment here.

Scent List:
Blueberry Cobbler
Cucumber Mint
Ginger Peach
Green Apple
Mandarin & Coriander
Oatmeal Honey Almond
Peppermint & Vanilla
Pumpkin Souffle
Vanilla Bean
White Peach and Hibiscus


  1. I'm going to buy one or two...after I talk to hubby about the scents :) And congrats to your hubby on making Chief! We are crossing our fingers this time around to make 1st class (and not worry about cross rating or the NRB)!

  2. You're a heck of a wife. This is a great idea.

  3. Good Luck on 1st!!! So far the Chief Selectee stuff has been quite a ride for the hubs, and keeping him very busy while he is out to sea. Hoping to earn some money for him, to sort of lessen his burden when he gets back.
    Thanks for spreading the word too!!!