Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Tips for Opening an Etsy Shop

Want to open an Etsy shop? Here are 5 tips to get you started. Etsians.....I'd love you to comment on any more tips you have!

#1. At least 30 items, but the more the better. I'm currently at 207, but when the bath line comes out, that may double. Think of it like if you walked into a store, would just a few items likely have exactly what you are looking for? What about if there was a whole table? A whole store?
Keep in mind this is not Ebay, where there is a ton of traffic and easy to sell, at cheap prices.
Having listings is MORE than just on an item of interest, get into your shop, and buy something totally different.

#2. List and/or renew regularly. By regularly, I mean daily. So when you are about to open, if you have 10 items to list, you may want to list 5 right away, and then list 1 item a day after that. Again, it puts you to the top of the search and gives a doorway to your shop.

#3. Photos are SUPER important. Remember you are selling a buying experience, not just the item. Etsy tends to like light colored backgrounds.Taking pictures in a place in your home that gets natural light, on a partly coudy day, is what works best for my camera. Some people need it really sunny, others need to actually go outside, some use a light box. With your camera turn the micro on (the flower sign), flash off, and take the photo. Use photo editing software and mess with the contrast and brightness until you feel it looks fresh. It doesn't cost money to use all 5 of the pics in your listing, so use them all if you like (closeups, side view, art photo).
I don't recommend a dark background, white, bright, or colored is best. Think of what you are selling, and the feel of your shop. Set the stage for that "feel".

#4. Have a facebook or twitter page for your business. Invite your friends and ask them to invite their friends. You can use it as a free prmotional tool when you list something new, want to have a sale, or whatever.

#5. When you can, product branding can help (i.e. avatars, logos, banner), you can still sell without it, but it does set the stage for your shop.


  1. I'm re working my photos for a lighter feel. Good tips!

  2. I really like this! Thanks - now on to make 29 more items... lol