Friday, March 26, 2010

Eco-Friendly Soy Candle Refills

So ever since I started Lilac Ave back in July of 2008, I have really wanted to make a large concentration, on how to make beautiful, unique candles out of things that have lost purpose. You see this in my shop in items like the recycled jar candles, or a lot of the one of a kind candles. But one thing you previously haven't seen, is that I offer a refill service!
This came to light when so many of my Etsy Homefront Teammembers...many who just joined us in the last few months, and some that have been there for a while, but have forgotten, saw a refill I did for a friend of mine. So they helped me brainstorm, and we figured out a way, for those who are too shy to convo, can see what is offered.
Beginning today I have 4 new listings in my shop for custom refills. Here's how it works. If you have a 'non-flammable (that is important) container that you've kept because you've loved, or had a candle in it, that is burnt through, let me refill it for you! All you do, is mail me your empty container. Let me know what scent you like. I will fill it and mail it back to you. And now whatever it is, will have a new purpose. AND you can do this over and over. Think of the reduction to the landfill!
I've filled tea tins, old Yankee Candle jars, coffee mugs, old candle holders. Just about anything.

The listings are by size, so just buy and mail me the container, and we are ready to go!

Please take note that these prices also make it worthwhile. They are in most cases 25% off buying a candle new. This easily makes up for the shipping of the empty containers to me, with the added bonus of getting something truly special in return.

So, the only question is....what in your home can become a candle????


  1. I am pondering a champagne bottle that my husband and I drank after our wedding...I think it can be filled up to 26 ounces, but wondering if you can even make a candle out of a wine bottle?

    If not, I will probably be looking for some vintage tea tins!!!


  2. Hmmmm not sure about that. Lighting it would be challenging...and I'm curious if there would be enough oxygen to get the flame to stay lit. But otherwise, all the other dynamics are there.

  3. Hey Lilac! I think I will just get it done any way and only light it for anniversary or least it would be on display instead of in a box somewhere!


  4. Household, regardless it will smell great!!! Lighted or not! AND, a warmer is always an option too if it won't light. It should light....just not sure about the oxygen level....that would look REALLY cool though as it burns down.

  5. You could probably google to see if it would work first. Otherwise, they make lovely reed diffusers!