Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recycling by Reverse Osmosis

So if you've been to my shop you know I like to recycle jars and tins into candles. But what can you do when you've bought a candle from Lilac Ave, and you're done?
If you read my Nove blog on "How to make the Most of Your Candles", then you saw that when a candle burns down, you can freeze it for 10min, and then easily remove the remaining wax. Not only can you use the remnant wax as tarts for a tart burner, but you can use the container too, and that is what this blog write up is about.
After removing the wax, make sure you hand wash out the rest of the wax. Then run it through the dishwasher. Make sure the container is spotless and smell it to see if the candle scent is still there. I do not suggest using the container for food as pictured, if you smell any remnant of candle scent, but you 'should' be able to have 'washed it all out'.

Here are just a few thoughts.

Send your container back to LilacAve and get it refilled with a scent of your choice for less than $1/oz. For example the above is 5oz, and the refill would cost $4.
Use it as a dish for lose change. Then it is not only saving the Earth, but saving some cashola!
Use it to hold craft supplies or office supplies! Not only a good way to organize, but CUTE too!
A perfect size for an afternoon snack of grapes, goldfish, or nuts. See above about making sure the container is completely clean. Athough soy comes from nature, you don't want to eat wax ;)
How about a business card holder?
A great way for crayons not to roll away while your child colors!

I'd love to hear even more ideas!!!


  1. How about holding your jewelry at the end of the night...I take all of mine off including my earrings and ring.

  2. i love the business card holder idea! :D

  3. I use my recycled Lilacave candle jar in my bathroom for hairpins.