Thursday, December 19, 2013

Creating a Craft Space

Before I went back to work a couple of years ago, I always struggled with craft space.  When I first started full time, in Hawaii, I would create in my kitchen, and then have to clean and put everything away at the end of every day, and all my stock went into a linen closet. Then we moved to Georgia, and I worked in my master closet with no windows.  Now, here we are back to working from home semi full time....and with a much larger house, finally a space that we can devote to my candle making, spa product production,and even if I begin sewing items. A craft space, however, needs to be fun, and creative....doesn't it?!
So here is what my husband and I worked on to get me set up.

First and foremost, workspace!  I needed a place to work, but since I need a microwave, and that would seem like an eyesore in a front room, plus ALL the other supplies (containers, wax, fragrances, wicks, molds, etc etc).  We got these 2 bookcases from Target on sale for 15% off, plus my 5% Red card discount.  Then to create a workspace we were going to get a table top from a thrift store, but I never found something the dimensions I wanted.  We were going to build it, and then at Home Depot, I thought....why not a flat door, with no cut outs??  So we got a 30in door, and it is fabulous!  I bought some grip liner, and used it to cover the surface.  It's easy to wipe down, and it doesn't stain the wax rings from my measuring glass. It is sizeable and perfect!
I have a desk for my laptop or sewing, a TV for background noise, a couch that is truthfully a glorified dog bed, and this gorgeous china cabinet I use for finished product.

I wanted something fun for the curtains.  I had a hard time finding what I wanted.  I didn't want solid curtains, and I didn't want patterned curtains, I just wanted some curtains with an accent.  Unbelievably that wasn't something I could find!  So I took the existing curtains and sewed on a Yellow and White chevron trim. I adore them!

So this is where I work and spend most of my days, making things.  It's comfy, and not a 'weird' space to have in our front room.  I like to think of it as my mini store. We're hoping to continue the wood floors from the foyer this year, and then I feel it would be complete!

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